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What people have had to say about me

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"Rich is very knowledgable in his field of work, and helped me no end with not only my specific injury, but with what I should be doing to prevent injury and become stronger overall. You can expect total honesty and a professionalism from someone who is obviously passionate about making people better"


                                                                     Lloyd Sheldrick - Chef

"One of the few therapists that has the passion and drive to go the extra mile for his clients"

                                                                                         Mark Warren

"I was recommended Rich after searching for a Therapist that would be able to help and treat and issue with my calves through running.

Rich was able to diagnose where the injury originally stemmed from and treat that area specifically. He is very knowledgeable/skilled in his field. He explained clearly his diagnosis and the treatment he was performing which was great.

Rich also explained/demonstrated foam rolling techniques to further help treat/prevent injury in the future which I found very helpful. It is clear that he is very passionate about helping and treating people.

I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who is looking for treatment of an injury. You will not be disappointed! I certainly will not hesitate to return to Rich if needed in the future"


                                                                                 Laura Dryden

"Excellent therapist, really knows his information and would definitely recommend him to any of my clients"


                                                Tyrone Irons-Reid - Personal trainer

"I have seen a few therapists over the years but none who have the knowledge and passion that Rich can supply. Truly grateful for your Help"

                                                                                                                                                                                           S Moore - Police Officer

"I've had two operations on my hip and lots of physio before, during and after.  Whilst the surgery was successful the recovery was long and slow.​
Someone mentioned Active Release Therapy so I looked it up and luckily found Richard practising nearby.   Before Richard's treatment I couldn't do 'clams', the most basic of hip exercises, and suffered persistent pain with restricted movement.
Richard has been able to completely resolve all these problems and continues to support me as I get stronger.   Being able to ride my horses pain free was the very least I hoped for, but after just a few sessions I dared to hope I might be able to ski again (after a 10 year break).   I gave it a go and I'm thrilled to be able to ski without pain or consequences.
My surgeon is also thrilled with Richard's ability to resolve the stubborn soft tissue problems that persisted despite the success of bone remodelling"

                                                                                        Helen Prentice

"Would highly recommend, diagnosed where my injury has stemmed from straight away and given me the correct exercises to do as homework, something 2 other local so called injury specialist couldn't do, finally feel this will be money well spent"

                                                                            Stuart King - Plumber

"I first learned of ART whilst in conversation with Rich and quickly decided to give it a go. I couldn't believe the positive effect it had on my body. I felt like a new man as soon as i left the building i was walking without the constant discomfort i'd previously had. I would highly recommend him and as i have now moved to another part of the country I will certainly need to find another ART practitioner asap!!"

                                                          Luke Newton - Personal Trainer

 "was recommended to use Rich by my friend who is a PT. I must admit Rich is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have met. He fixed me so quickly and advised me on what to do moving forward to become stronger and avoid injury. Highly recommended"


                  Kuldip Singh Sahota - Founder of mr singhs chilli sauce

"Rich Knight is an efficient, diligent and professional therapist with many tools in the box that allow him to achieve amazing results!"                                                                                                                                                                                        Heather Pearson

"Rich knows his stuff, loads of tools to help the injured and those who need to perform at the highest level!"

                                                                                   Thomas Feeney

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