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Active Release Technique®

The gold standard in soft tissue treatment

Active Release Technique

“​I was heading for retirement from football after a string of injuries but seeing Rich and utilising ART has kept me in the game I love with increased confidence knowing that its possible to stay injury free" Richard Kent

P. Michael Leahy DC, CCSP.  Creator of Active Release Techniques®

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Active Release Techniques ® is a powerful treatment tool for treating painful conditions as well as being very effective when used as part of a preventative car programme, or for performance therapy. ART® is the gold standard of soft tissue techniques and can treat a variety of problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and of course fascia.
Many conditions can be treated effectively with ART® include the following

- Carpel tunnel syndrome                   - Tennis and Golfers elbow
- Frozen Shoulder                                  - Shin Splints 
- Swimmers shoulder                           - Knee problems
- Back pain                                              - Post surgery scar tissue
- Shoulder pain                                       - Plantar fasciitis 
- Headaches                                            - Whiplash
- Hamstring tears and many more

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