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Rich Knight

Hello, my name is Rich and my passion is to help people like you to move better, feel better and perform better. Ultimately keeping you pain free.


I have always had an interest in sports injury and rehabilitation and decided to go into treating others after a long string of injuries and operations, which kept myself sidelined from the competitive sports I loved. I was disappointed with the therapy that I received after my own injuries and wanted to provide a high level of care to others, which I did not receive myself.


I still participate in competitive sports and have a background of playing football, hockey, martial arts, weight lifting and American football where I played for the London Blitz who have over the past few years won repeated national championships. I understand what its like to play at a high level and knows first hand how important it is to perform at the best of your ability. I truly believe that having the right therapy could mean the difference between winning and losing!


The injuries I have suffered over the years has also given me a good insight into my own clients feelings and mindset. I know just how vital getting them back to performing at the top of their game really is.


I have worked with elite and professional athletes from different sporting backgrounds & people of all ages and walks of life. 

I am involved in coaching youth football and futsal which takes up the majority of my time when I am not treating in clinic! But I absolutely love it!

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